Ready, Set, HYUR: Your Career Starts Here!

HYUR is the best at making quality connections: we pair professional talent with exceptional employers in the manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. HYUR understands that the right match is essential for sustainable success, so we’re careful in the selection of employees and clients.

HYUR Level Career Services & Growth Solutions

HYUR offers comprehensive workforce solutions by providing tailored career guidance, exclusive access to top opportunities, and personalized support throughout the hiring process. Our team is committed to understanding each candidate’s unique goals, fostering both personal and professional growth.

HYUR Quality Healthcare Career Opportunities

HYUR is a top-notch recruitment agency with a proven track record of placing talented professionals in high quality healthcare careers. Our unique approach to recruitment, coupled with industry expertise and countless success stories, make HYUR the ideal choice for talented professionals seeking to excel in their healthcare careers.

Bridging the Gap Between Exceptional Talent & Exceptional Employers

As a HY-brid recruiting firm, we bring the best of both worlds to your career or talent needs. With the capabilities of a high-level executive search firm and the speed of a boutique staffing agency, we guarantee quality opportunities that match your experience and expertise.

Ready, Set, HYUR: Your Career Starts Here!

HYUR is the best at making quality connections: we pair professional talent with exceptional employers in the manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. HYUR understands that the right match is essential for long-term success, so we take the time to make a careful selection of employees and clients. Experienced professionals whose mission is to bring together quality opportunities.

HYUR Quality Manufacturing Career Opportunites

HYUR MANUFACTURING partners with skilled trade professionals and companies providing high-quality career growth opportunities. Our expert recruitment approach and numerous success stories establish us as the go-to choice for professionals aiming to elevate their manufacturing careers.



Find your dream healthcare job, embrace a career with growth potential, working for top-tier employers with exceptional benefits, a nurturing company culture, and the chance to make a real difference. Be part of a team that values your skills and dedication.


Discover your ideal role in manufacturing and embark on a career with immense potential for growth. Collaborate with reputable companies that offer outstanding benefits, a supportive workplace, and the opportunity to truly make a difference. Join a team that values your expertise and unwavering dedication.

Take your Career Organization Job Facility
to a HYUR Level

HYUR is a full-service recruitment agency specializing in making ideal matches within a variety of industries with a special focus on HYUR HEALTH and HYUR MANUFACTURING. HYUR has gained the trust and respect of leading companies over the years by maintaining a single focus: to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and exceptional employers. So whether you’re seeking top-notch talent or exploring quality career opportunities, our dedicated team ensures HYUR levels of success.

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Discover the benefits of HYUR Quality Opportunities

Access to Top Talent

We maintain an extensive network of highly qualified candidates, and our rigorous screening process ensures that only the best candidates are presented to our clients.

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to ensuring successful placements and client satisfaction through our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Personalized Service

We take the time to understand the client’s unique challenges as well the candidates personal and professional needs. We then create personalized solutions.

Niche Specialization

We specialize in recruiting for healthcare and manufacturing, offering services tailored to the unique needs of these industries.

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Whether you're seeking top-notch talent or exploring quality career opportunities, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience.

What People are Saying about HYUR

Justine L.

Graduating as a new nurse and looking for my first “big girl” job was very stressful and discouraging at first. I didn’t know where to start or what to expect, and to be honest a little rusty in the interview area. I knew I needed help starting off my new journey and I received that and more from HYUR Staffing Services!

Anna F.

I worked with Hyur Health for years as a RN on the floor but have seen what they have done in staffing and I could not think of a better fit to help someone in healthcare find a position! They put their heart into anything they do. I’d recommend Hyur Health to anyone looking for new opportunities!

Allie B.

If you get the chance to work with HYUR, you need to! They help make your employment experience an absolute treasure! I have been employed with HYUR for awhile and have had many successful contract experiences and even got a full time job! I have always had an amazing support system and I know that I can reach out to the Hyur team at any time! What a wonderful experience!

HYUR Associate

Great place to work, where the president of the company will role up his sleeves and work when needed. A very diverse company who will take the chance on someone due to their character and not experience.

Kendra W.

I am grateful to work for such a great company, the Hyur staff has been great and always goes above and beyond to me feel welcome. They are always there to assist with tough situations but also there to lend a helping hand and to motivate you when needed. I have had the pleasure of working with Hyur for over 2 years and I must say it has been nothing short of amazing and I would not have it any other way!

Sean J.

First, I could not be where I am today without the hard work of my Hyur recruiter and all the awesome people at HYUR. When it was time for me to change careers, I wasn’t certain where my skill set would land me. After explaining what I needed from an employer, Hyur worked with me to find a path to a new career. Using all the information I gave about myself and my skill sets, they were able to help me attain my dream job.

Courtney B.

I can’t say enough good things about Hyur! Their staff is professional and efficient and are great at communicating every step of the way. Julie was great to work with. She answered all of my questions and made the process so easy and worthwhile. I will definitely work with them again!

Jennifer J.

I have worked numerous RN jobs through HYUR Health and every single experience and placement has been a positive one and exactly as described. The HYUR recruiter I worked with was professional, attentive, and very clear and precise with communication. They made sure I had all of the appropriate information I needed before each assignment.

Kim N. – The Nuxhall Foundation

When we look for partners to come alongside us in the important work we are doing, we look for those companies that are, above everything else, character-driven. Seeing members of the HYUR team build camaraderie with one another was so encouraging, and watching your team members getting actively involved in helping us build more miracles is a blessing.

Sue B.

I am not a very fast person on the computer and when I needed help with forms and assignments Hyur was always there to help me get through things. I am very pleased also on how helpful everyone is in giving me options to do other things if I wish. I am semi retired and I’m comfortable to covid and flu vaccines but always have options. I would recommend Hyur to anyone.

J. Sears

Great communication, and I really like that you feel like you are a valuable human being with the way the Hyur staff is genuinely interested in helping to get a good fitting career opportunity for you to pursue.Hyur was way more than a recruiter, they were a real solid job partner.

Technology Tailor Made

HYUR was great in supporting CAMP BYOC as we worked to raise funds for our youth programs. They supported us by holding their own fund raiser. Camp BYOC is a youth program that teaches computer technology. Thank you very, very much. It is with companies like this that we improve our community.

Ali Y.

I have worked with Hyur for several years for our companies staffing needs. They’re always quick to respond and provide top quality candidates. Great employer partner!

Eric A.

Hyur did such a great job representing me in my job search. They found me my dream job and fought for me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend Hyur in your job hunt because they will fight for what you want. Thank you Hyur!!!

Ali N.

Hyur was super helpful in my case. When I moved to Cincinnati within a week Hyur found me my job at which I have been for more than four months now. Hyur’s support was phenomenal.

David R.

HYUR has been great and my recruiter is amazing to work with. If there is an issue they are immediately dealing with the situation and finding a resolve. Hyur has great communication and follow up skills. It has been a great and pleasing experience dealing with Hyur and the team. I would definitely refer qualified candidates to utilize Hyur.

Katelyn B.

Hyur was the 3rd staffing agency I dealt with. I was ready to give up on the whole idea of them until I talked with the Hyur team. I was hired on to an amazing company within 2 weeks. We kept in constant contact to assure we were always on the same page. They made everything a breeze and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

Colleen R.

I re-entered the healthcare workforce in response to the Covid pandemic. I had been retired for 3 years but wanted to return to offer my skills and help my nurse colleagues and my community.  The staff at HYUR made this an easy transition! They were kind, informative, friendly and helpful. From the on-boarding process, vetting and re-education procedures, they were there to help!

Brian R.

Hyur was my first experience with a contract employee service and I was surprised how easy and pleasant they made it. The entire staff was helpful and accommodating. Very friendly, thorough and professional interview. Hyur placed me with a company that I’ve been employed with for 3 months, doing the type of work that I enjoy. I would not hesitate to recommend with Hyur again.

James Robertson

"Working with HYUR Healthcare was a game-changer for my career. The team understood exactly what I was looking for and connected me with a healthcare facility that truly values my skills and offers tremendous growth opportunities. Their support throughout the job search process was outstanding, and I couldn't be happier in my new role."

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